Tengrai version 0.8.3 Tengrai version 0.8.3

Tengr.ai 0.8.3 Release Notes

We are excited to announce the release of Tengr.ai version 0.8.3! This update introduces new styles, InfinyWeave and InfinyPattern, along with several enhancements designed to improve your experience and streamline our development process. Here are the details of the new features and changes:

Girl in a bubble in forest

Model Improvements:

  • Introduction of New Styles: We are excited to introduce two new experimental styles, InfinyWeave and InfinyPattern. They offer intricate and detailed design capabilities to enhance your creative projects. We also added animations that showcase seamless pattern image results. This provides a dynamic way to view your designs. Please note that these styles are still in development and might not be in their final versions yet.
  • Improved SEER Mode: We have enhanced SEER mode to better follow the selected styles, ensuring a more aesthetically pleasing output.
  • Image Quality Improvements: We have significantly improved the quality of the styles. This leads to more refined outputs.
  • Input Image Influence Selector: We have added an input image influence selector for processing modes (except Creative Transform), giving you greater control over how your input images influence the final output.
  • Improved Depth-Guided Processing Mode: The Depth-Guided processing mode is now more accurate. It delivers better precision and detail in your images.
  • Deprecation of Negative Prompts: In our continuous effort to enhance user experience and improve model performance, we have decided to deprecate the negative prompting option. This feature will be completely removed in a later release.
  • Image Generation Performance Improvements and Bug Fixes: We have made performance improvements in image generation. Also, several bugs have been fixed to enhance the overall performance and reliability of Tengr.ai.
Flower pattern

User Experience Improvements:

  • Pagination Jump to Page: A number input field will appear if there are more than 10 pages. Users can enter a page number and jump to that page by hitting the nearby button or pressing enter.
  • Full-Screen View of Artwork Images: Users can now view artwork images in full-screen mode, providing a more immersive and detailed viewing experience.
  • Off-Canvas Menu for All Screens: The off-canvas menu is now available on all screens, ensuring consistent navigation. This update also addresses menu height issues on some tablet screens.
  • Upscale User Experience: We’ve added a narrow bar above scaled images to indicate the level of upscale, and included a download and share option.
  • Video Tutorials: We have added a link to video tutorials in the menu, providing easy access to helpful guides to make the most of Tengr.ai’s features.
  • Possibility to Upgrade Yearly Subscriptions: Users with annual Economic subscriptions now have the option to upgrade to Pro.
Line Art spaceship

We appreciate your understanding and support as we make these improvements. Your feedback is invaluable, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences with Tengr.ai version 0.8.3.

Thank you for being a part of the Tengr.ai community!

Green bird and flower

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