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Discover 11+ Special AI Art Styles Today

In our previous blog post, we’ve presented some amazing aesthetic styles you can use to enhance your AI images with By adding one word to your prompt, the whole look, mood, and atmosphere of the image changed.

This time, we’ve brought you some more interesting styles that produce stunning transformations. And, as per usual, we have several examples to showcase each style. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do, and we’ll inspire you to experiment and create amazing artwork. You might already know some of these styles, but maybe you find some that are new to you. Each style that we’ll showcase in this post has its own unique charm and can give a special touch to your images. Furthermore, it’s interesting to see how interprets them. Let’s see why these styles can be real game-changers for your AI-generated images.

1. Microbial Art

Monochromatic Microbial art

Microbial art, also known as Bacteria art, uses the unique appearance of microscopic bacteria or other microorganisms to create intricate patterns or shapes. Basically, it’s a fascinating blend of science and art. Moreover, it uses vibrant saturated colors and interesting textures. We could even say, it’s like painting with nature’s tiniest artists. This style can give your images an unexpected, eye-catching effect.

Finally, let’s see some examples that we created with the help of Example prompts: ‘Microbial art, abstract expressionism, neon, fluorescent colors, hyper-realistic, masterpiece.’, or ‘Microbial art flower, abstract expressionism, neon, fluorescent colors, hyper-realistic, masterpiece.’

Fluorescent Microbial art

Now, let’s see a stunning Microbial art flower:

Microbial art style flower

And a captivating Microbial art fairytale world:

Abstract Microbial art image

2. Botanical Art

Botanical art style bird

Botanical art, on the other hand, is all about plants and flowers. Moreover, it highlights the beauty of nature with detailed illustrations of flora. More specifically, the lush greenery, delicate petals, and the intricate details of leaves and stems are the main characteristics of this style. These provide a fresh and natural look to images.

Example prompt: ‘Abstract botanical art illustration, beauty and artistic expression, freedom, mesmerizing bird, intricate details, vibrant colors.

Botanical art style bird

If you want even more awe-inspiring images, try mixing the two styles, Microbial and Botanical art in one prompt. You will be surprised by the stunning effect they have on images. Prompt: ‘Botanical art, bacteria art, dot art, vibrant color explosion, bird soaring, surreal background, hyper-detailed.’

Botanical and bacteria art style bird

3. Goth (Romantic Goth, Pastel Goth, Gothic Lolita, Bubble Goth)

Woman wearing a hat and trench coat, Goth style

First, we should mention that Goth style started as a subculture to gothic rock music, in the late 1970s. It mainly focuses on themes like darkness, mystery, and dark elegance with ornate details. Additionally, it often includes religious elements as well.

It is mostly characterized by the use of black color, lace, velvet, heavy makeup, Victorian or medieval-inspired fashion items, and skulls. Basically, it’s all about darkness. Furthermore, the dramatic lighting and gothic architecture contribute to the dramatic and mysterious vibe.

Moreover, there are a few subgenres to this style that are worth mentioning:

Romantic Goth: It’s a lighter, softer form of Gothic style. It is influenced by the fashion of the Romantic Era (1800-1850) and gothic literature. It includes flowing fabrics, ruffles, velvet, and lace in dark colors like deep reds, purples, and blacks. To sum up, it emphasizes a decadent and sophisticated look. (Prompt: ‘Romantic Goth style, woman wearing a hat and trench coat.‘)

Woman wearing a hat and trench coat, Romantic Goth style

Pastel Goth: Beautifully combines the dark goth style with pastel colors, such as soft pinks, blues, and lavenders. It usually features skull motifs, platform shoes, pastel hair, and cute or kawaii accessories. It offers a playful yet eerie look. (Prompt: ‘Pastel Goth style, woman wearing a hat and trench coat.’)

Woman wearing a hat and trench coat, Pastel Goth style

The Gothic Lolita style combines the traditional Goth aesthetics with the Japanese Lolita style, which is doll-like and youthful. Primarily a fashion style, it is characterized by black clothes, sophisticated dresses, petticoats, lace, and bows. (Prompt: ‘Gothic Lolita style, woman wearing a hat and trench coat.‘)

Woman wearing a hat and trench coat, Gothic Lolita style

And let’s see another Goth style – a fun one:

Bubble Goth is actually a light, playful subgenre of Gothic fashion. It’s an interesting combination of the dark and mysterious with the bright and fun. Invented by the Estonian singer Kerli, it gives a whimsical twist to Goth style. Furthermore, it encourages breaking the norms and having fun with fashion and aesthetics. Besides the usual black clothing, it includes bright, pastel, as well as neon accents. And of course, bubbles. (Prompt: ‘Bubble-goth style, woman wearing a hat and trench coat.‘)

Woman wearing a hat and trench coat, Bubble Goth style

4. Film Noir (RetroFuturist Noir, Liquid Chrome Noir, Cotton Candy Noir)

Film Noir is all about black and white, with a moody and cinematic feel. It uses high contrasts and mysterious atmosphere in images to remind us of the classic, cinematic look that we know from crime and mystery films and graphic novels. Furthermore, it gives images a dramatic and suspenseful vibe. (Prompt: ‘Woman wearing a hat and trench coat, Film Noir portrait, mysterious, dark atmosphere.‘)

Woman wearing a hat and trench coat, Film Noir style

However, if you like the drama of Noir but want to add a futuristic twist to your images, try the Retrofuturist Noir style. This combines the well-known monochromatic visual with retrofuturist neon accents and futuristic, holographic elements. Consequently, it’s the perfect blend of classic fashion and modern technology.

Woman wearing a hat, RetroFuturist Noir style

Furthermore, we can even add a special effect to our Noir images with Liquid Chrome Noir. Or just Liquid Chrome, without the Noir. Either way, this adds a sleek shiny metallic appearance to your image. If you like this reflective shine effect in your image, try this style.

Woman wearing a hat and trench coat, Liquid Chrome Noir style

And last but not least, for a fun touch, Cotton Candy Noir:

Woman wearing a hat and trench coat, Cotton Candy Noir style
Cotton Candy Noir landscape
Cotton Candy Noir

5. Nebula Wallpaper

Nebula Wallpaper style image of a pirate at sea

This style produces visually stunning images. It creates a cosmic, outer-worldly, colorful background, just like the unbelievable beauty of nebulae found in outer space. With a rich and saturated color palette, and complex patterns that resemble the swirling clouds of dust and gas of the actual nebulae, you can achieve mind-blowing visuals. It often includes other special elements as well, such as stars, planets, or galaxies which all contribute to the cosmic theme. If you like this cosmic, colorful visual, then experiment with this style. It will give a ‘wow’ effect to your images. (Example prompt: ‘Nebula wallpaper, old pirate at sea.‘)

Nebula Wallpaper style image of a ship

You can achieve some truly breathtaking images if you mix some of these styles together. Prompt: ‘Nebula wallpaper, abstract expressionism art, old pirate at sea, bacteria art, dark, gloomy mood.

Old pirate in Nebula Wallpaper and Bacteria art style
Pirate ships in Nebula Wallpaper and Bacteria art style

6. Barcode Artwork

Barcode artwork portrait of a woman

This style uses the typical patterns of barcodes to create striking visuals. It’s modern, minimalist, and tech-savvy. It’s quite hard to believe that such a basic simple thing like a common commercial barcode can produce such stunning artwork with unique designs. Experiment with various styles, as they can give significantly different results. Example prompt: ‘Barcode artwork, portrait, abstract expressionism, hyper-detailed, masterpiece.’

Barcode artwork portrait of a little girl
Barcode artwork female portrait and smoke

7. Chibi

Chibi style features cute, exaggerated characters with big heads, large eyes, and small bodies. It’s perfect for giving your images a playful, adorable twist. It’s a caricature style originating in Japan. It uses bright colors, expressive faces, and cartoonish elements. In short, it creates really cute characters.

Chibi style pirate at sea
Chibi style old pirate at sea Dark gloomy mood
Chibi anime style drawing of a girl
Chibi anime drawing of a cute anime character

8. Neuron Flowers/Synaptic Flower

Colorful Neuron flowers
Neuron flowers

These two styles,Neuron Flowers and Synaptic Flowers combine the beauty of flowers with the complexity of our neural networks. Our branching neurons are very similar to blossoming flowers. Prompting for these words makes it possible to create beautiful, artistic creations. It features vibrant colors and organic shapes. In short, think of it as a unique combination of science and nature in a visually pleasing way.

Colorful Neuron flower
Neuron flowers

Synaptic Flower produces very similar results. The term ‘synaptic’ refers to the connections between neurons.

Synaptic flower

9. Silverpoint

Silverpoint is a traditional drawing technique using a silver stylus on a specially prepared surface. It creates delicate, soft lines and subtle shading.

This style is perfect for creating detailed, elegant drawings with a vintage feel. Prompt: ‘Silverpoint style, old pirate with a weathered face, hyper-detailed, intricate masterpiece, precise silverpoint lines, shading, fine lines, piercing gaze, surrounded by a mystical, otherworldly atmosphere.’

Silverpoint portrait of a pirate

10. Biomorphism

Biomorphism fashion portrait

Biomorphism is an artistic style that is inspired by nature’s organic forms, shapes and patterns. The word itself comes from ‘biomorhic’, where ‘bio’ means life and ‘morph’ means shape. This style includes fluid, organic forms like circles, curves, plants and floral motifs that resemble the endless patterns found in nature and living organisms. It actually aims to capture the complex beauty of nature. Example prompt: ‘Biomorphic architecture, a futuristic skyscraper shaped like a dandelion, organic biomorphic shapes, awe-striking masterpiece.’

Biomorphic architecture, dandelion shaped building

Biomorphism has appeared around the world throughout history but is especially common in Islamic art. It appears in various art forms. In fashion it means exaggerated curved lines, in architecture we see circular repeating patterns, giving a sense of endlessness. Let’s see a few examples that showcase these key features:

Biomorphism style fashion image of a woman
Biomorphism in fashion
Biomorphic style bridge
Biomorphic architecture
Biomorphic style building
Biomorphic architecture
Biomorphism surreal image of a woman wearing a hat and trench coat
Surreal Biomorphism

11. Knolling

Knolling is style coming from photography. It means arranging objects at 90º angle, in a visually pleasing, organized layout, centered around one main theme. It gives images a neat, modern and minimalist look. However, keep the theme as simple as possible, as with more complex themes the AI might add some strange items to the image.

Final Words

There are times when we’d like to create something amazing but lack inspiration. This blog post aims to give you a creative boost in cases like this. These styles offer endless creative possibilities. Experiment with them, maybe even mix some of them together for unexpected, unique visuals. Based on our experience, mixing Nebula Wallpaper with Microbial and Botanical art styles can produce some truly stunning images. But we encourage you to try other combinations as well—it could be a fun experiment! Also, don’t forget to share your creative artwork with other users. Let’s inspire each other!

Whether you prefer the organic beauty of Botanical art or the futuristic vibes of RetroFuturist Noir, there’s something here for everyone. Stay tuned for more tips and inspiration on our blog.

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