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We all love it when our favorite AI image-generating tool brings something new to the table. It’s always exciting to have fresh features to explore. Thankfully,’s development team is continuously working on enhancing the platform with innovative updates. Recently, we’ve introduced two new seamless, tileable pattern styles: InfinyWeave and InfinyPattern. Now, with the latest release of version 0.8.4, alongside all the improved features, we’re proud to introduce four exciting new styles: Aquarelle, Machinart, Manga, and InfinyFlow.

As usual, we’re going to discuss each one of them and show you a few examples. So, let’s see what these new styles are about:


This style refers to a traditional painting method, using water-soluble paint with fluid, translucent qualities. Aquarelle is actually the French word for watercolor. We love it for its simplicity and expressiveness. It brings the charm of watercolor art to the digital world of AI-generated images. It is characterized by soft, muted colors and textures, and gentle color transitions. These help create this overall serene effect that is typical for aquarelle artworks. The colors are not as vivid and saturated as in the case of other types of paints, such as acrylic or oil paints. But this simplicity is what makes it a truly beautiful and artistic art medium. Furthermore, it is visually appealing and soothing.

Purple car in lavender field’s Aquarelle style has a slight tendency towards soft and muted green, blue and brownish colors. This gives images an emotional, almost nostalgic feel. However, this mostly depends on the prompt that you use.’s Aquarelle style does a fantastic job of portraying the main characteristics of this art medium. This makes it ideal for landscapes, portraits, or abstract compositions.

Girl with balloons in Aquarelle style, Seer mode
Aquarelle style in Seer mode

You can get stunning results with abstract images as well. Example prompt: “Abstract art, heavy use of glitch effects, very dynamic, yellow and purple tones, geometric shapes.”

Abstract art, Aquarelle style

There is a slight resemblance to the Water-Cute style, but only in the fact that they both use watercolor techniques with fluid textures. However, each style has its own way of portraying things. Water-Cute is more playful and dream-like, reminding us of our childhood, while this new Aquarelle style gives a truly artistic and soothing touch to images. Also, the images in this style are more complex and detailed.

Girl with balloons in Aquarelle style
Aquarelle style

As with all the styles, images generated in Servitor and in Seer mode differ as well. Always try both to see which one matches the image you envisioned.

Prompt: “A line of colorful houses in Netherlands, mirrored by the water, dramatic sky, vivid saturated colors.” In this case, Servitor mode delivered the vivid colors we asked for, but Seer mode gave it a more artistic touch. This is one of the best things in you get many different options to choose from.

Line of colorful houses
Aquarelle style in Servitor mode
Line of colorful houses
Aquarelle style in Seer mode

Prompt: “Biomorphic architecture, a futuristic skyscraper shaped like a dandelion, organic biomorphic shapes.

Biomorphic dandelion shaped building in Aquarelle style

Prompt: “A lonely, forgotten city street, dramatic cloudy sky, dramatic, desolate, horror mood, hyper-detailed.”

Lonely street, Aquarelle style


It’s a very intriguing new style, reminding us of the Steampunk aesthetic. Moreover, the level of complexity and detail in its machine-like designs makes it truly impressive. It seamlessly combines elements of the Victorian-era with futuristic machinery elements.

Machinart style woman
Machinart style dragon

Its strength lies in its ability to create complex, highly detailed mechanical designs with metallic gears, screws, clocks, cogs, and other industrial elements. It mainly uses metallic textures, brass, and copper accessories, as well as a dark color palette. This style offers a unique retro-futuristic and industrial look to images. Additionally, it adds a layer of depth and texture, creating an antiquated and futuristic look at the same time.

Machinart style mother and baby

In short, Machinart is a style that boosts creativity and gives inspiration. Moreover, it gives a uniquely interesting look to images. It’s important to note that experimenting with surprising subjects like butterflies, birds, or flowers in this style can yield unexpected and unique results. Due to its eye-catching visuals, it quickly became one of our favorite styles. We’ll show you why:

Example prompt: “Helical bird, bioluminescent details, insanely hyper-detailed, ornate, sleek lines, artistic, masterpiece art.

Mechanical bird

Another prompt: “Helical flower drawing, bioluminescent details, insanely hyper-detailed, ornate, sleek lines, artistic, masterpiece art.

Mechanical cat

Prompt for a more whimsical look: “Portrait of a beautiful fairy in an enchanted forest.

Machinart style fairy
Machinart style robot


We all know Manga from the popular Japanese art style. Originating long ago, it became widely popular in the 19th century. Since then, its popularity expanded to Western audiences as well. Basically, Manga refers to comic books or graphic novels in all kinds of genres, such as action, comedy, adventure, fantasy, romance, etc. Its popularity comes from its unique illustration style, complex storylines, and captivating portrayal of characters. In recent years, manga has embraced digital formats, but originally it was printed in black and white.

Furthermore, Manga characters are beloved for their expressive big eyes, exaggerated facial expressions that show intense emotions, and dynamic motions. They are usually illustrated with clean and bold lines. High contrast is also one of the characteristics of the Manga style, which gives images a dramatic flair.

With its new Manga style, can perfectly capture these distinctive characteristics. Let’s see some stunning examples:

Example prompt: “Adorable girl with blonde hair and big expressive blue eyes, in a fantasy forest, mist, fog, hyper-detailed.

Blonde girl in forest, Manga style
Blonde girl in forest, Manga style

Prompt: “Abstract art, fantasy, shimmering feathers, black raven head, detailed, charcoal drawing sketch, beautiful, girl head, artistic, masterpiece.

Manga girl with raven head

And a few more examples:

Finally, even if you’re not going for that typical Manga character illustration, you can still use Manga style as it gives some really stunning and unique effects to images:

Helical bird in Manga style
Flower in Manga style


Just like the other two pattern styles, InfinyWeave and InfinyPattern, this style is also crafted to create seamless, tileable patterns, but this one is more for abstract, flowing shapes. It’s ideal for fabric printing, fashion designs, wallpapers, marketing materials, or backgrounds. Alongside our other two pattern styles, this style can also provide great support to graphic designers, illustrators, game developers, 3D designers, and other digital artists. It is suitable for all kinds of creative projects.

Consequently, it’s a fantastic and useful addition to’s highly versatile collection of styles. Whether you get a fully abstract or a somewhat realistic representation in your image is mostly influenced by the prompt that you use.

Example prompt: “Mesmerizing transparent flower, delicate, sleek lines, artistic, abstract expressionism style, prismatic mist, wet alcohol ink painting background with marble effect.”

Abstract flower in InfinyFlow style
InfinyFlow in Servitor mode
Abstract flower in InfinyFlow style
InfinyFlow in Seer mode

The standout feature of this abstract pattern generator style is that it mimics the flow-like nature of liquids, making it perfect for capturing abstract, fluid shapes. Moreover, it gives a sense of movement and fluidity. All these, make it a great tool for creating visually appealing images for projects that need eye-catching seamless patterns.

Prompt: “Fractal Fibonacci Surrealism, beautiful abstract art, black background, vivid colors.”

Fibonacci pattern in InfinyFlow style
InfinyFlow in Servitor mode
Fibonacci pattern in InfinyFlow style
InfinyFlow in Seer mode

Furthermore, we’ll try to illustrate the difference between the three pattern styles. Prompt: “Nebula wallpaper, abstract expressionism art, bacteria art, botanical art.”

Nebula wallpaper in InfinyFlow style
InfinyFlow in Servitor mode

The same prompt in InfinyPattern style

Nebula wallpaper in InfinyPattern style
InfinyPattern style

As you can see, InfinyPattern created a well-defined clear pattern with more realistic shapes.

And finally, the same prompt in InfinyWeave style:

Nebula wallpaper in InfinyWeave style
InfinyWeave style

Final Words

These styles, as well as all the other features of, are all designed to enhance your creativity and support all your creative projects, whether they’re for professional purposes or just for fun and relaxation.

Finally, we encourage you to experiment with these new styles and see what visual projects and artworks you can come up with. Also, don’t forget to share your thoughts and creations on our social media channels to inspire others as well. Let us know which style is your favorite! All you have to do is visit the website and start creating!

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