Tengrai version 0.8.4 Tengrai version 0.8.4

Tengr.ai 0.8.4 Release Notes

We proudly announce the release of Tengr.ai version 0.8.4, which enhances overall functionality, introduces four exciting new styles, and expands our global accessibility with the addition of Spanish language support. Also, this update includes significant improvements and essential bug fixes, all designed to elevate your experience. Discover what’s new:


  • Spanish Language Support: Tengr.ai is now available in Spanish, making our tool more accessible to Spanish-speaking users.
  • New Styles: We’re excited to introduce four new styles to our already versatile library of styles: Manga, Machinart, Aquarelle, and InfinyFlow.
  • Improved Hyperalign: We’ve improved Hyperalign for safer and more secure AI processing. Read more about this innovative feature in our blog post.
  • Enhanced Human Pose-Guided Processing Mode: We’ve improved accuracy to make pose-guided processing more reliable for your projects.
  • Extended Download Options: Users can now download images directly from the full-screen view at the bottom-right of the screen.
  • “In Progress” Image Management: Users can now delete artworks from their list while they are still generating.
  • Pagination: We have increased the contrast for the selected page number, improving visibility and navigation.
  • Input Image Influence: For a clearer choice, we now display a small icon next to each dropdown value, replacing the previous placeholders.
House by the lake

Bug Fixes:

  • Image Upload: We’ve fixed a bug that caused images to disappear from the upload form when accessing IMG to IMG artwork.
  • Upscaling Process: Fixed error that occurred during the image upscaling process.
  • Image Selection Message: We have removed the ‘Please select image’ message that appeared when no image had been generated yet.
Mechanical dragon

Previously Released Fixes (Already in Production):

  • Image Display: We corrected an issue that showed only two result images instead of the intended four.
  • Image Uploading: Fixed issues related to image uploading errors.
Car in aquarelle style

We hope you enjoy these updates! As always, your feedback is crucial in helping us improve. Please let us know your thoughts and continue to help us shape the future of Tengr.ai.

Owl on a branch with flowers

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