Exploring Depth-Guided Mode Exploring Depth-Guided Mode

From Sketch to Spectacle: Exploring Depth-Guided Mode

The recent release of the Tengr.ai 0.8 version unveiled a new and exciting platform for creative artistry. The transition from 0.7 to 0.8 may seem a bit challenging initially, but with a little practice and experimentation, you’ll be rewarded with an array of fresh features and enhanced capabilities, opening up new possibilities to unleash your creativity.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of transforming a simple sketch into a more complex artwork. Intrigued? Then, join us in exploring this exciting new feature together.

What is Depth-Guided Processing Mode?

One of the standout features of Tengr.ai 0.8 is the Depth-Guided processing mode, designed to dramatically enhance your artwork. The benefit of this new tool is the power to transform your artwork by introducing new scenes, colors, and textures while preserving the original composition and structure. This tool can elevate even the most basic picture to a higher, more artistic level, opening the door for endless creative possibilities. This essentially means that you can give your image a complete makeover without losing its essence — that’s the magic of Depth-Guidance processing mode.

Creating Magic: Step-by-Step

Now that we defined the Depth-Guided processing mode let’s step into the actual tutorial:

Step 1: Starting with a Sketch

Starting image for depth-guided processing mode

For our starting image, we chose a simple sketch of an angel (Image 1) created with Tengr.ai to demonstrate the transformation process effectively, but feel free to use any image or sketch you prefer. We uploaded the image using the ‘Image → Easy Mode’ option and switched the Processing mode to ‘Depth-Guided.’ With the style set to ‘Fairytale’, Creativity level set to ‘5 ~ Rampant’, and Details at ‘5 ~ Ornate’, the prompt being: “Broken angel, minimalist art.” We ended up with the transformed image shown below.

Depth-guided processing mode, Fairytale style

Step 2: Enhancing the Image

We chose our favorite image (Image 2) from the 4 and continued the enhancing process by clicking on the ‘From this’ option, adjusted the style to ‘Horror’ this time, and included some new elements in the prompt: “Broken angel, minimalist art, ruined buildings in the background”. Creativity level set to ‘5 ~ Rampant’, Details at ‘5 ~ Ornate’. See the transformation in the image below.

Depth Guided, Horror

Step 3: Final Adjustments

We further refined the image by selecting the ‘From this’ option (Image 3), Processing mode: Depth-Guided, keeping the prompt as it is this time, adjusting the style to ‘Photographer’, Creativity at ‘5 ~ Rampant’, Details at ‘5 ~ Ornate’, and we ended up with the completely transformed image below.

Depth-Guided Mode after final adjustments


As you can see, this sketch went through a remarkable transformation, demonstrating only a tiny part of the endless possibilities this tool can offer you. Depth-Guided mode allows enormous creativity and customization flexibility, which makes it one of the most prominent new tools of Tengr.ai 0.8.

We encourage you to experiment with this processing mode by trying out different styles and prompts. Tweaking the ‘Creativity’ and ‘Details’ settings can also have a huge impact on the outcome. Have fun with it and try to explore the tool’s capabilities to its fullest, create some unique artwork, and have fun in the process. We’d love to see your incredible creations – please share them with us!

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