Tengrai version 0.8.2 Tengrai version 0.8.2

Tengr.ai 0.8.2 Release Notes

We’re back to announce more significant enhancements since our recent release of version 0.8.1. We’re continuously working to deliver the best possible experience for our Tengr.ai users.

Eiffel Tower AI Art

🇫🇷 Bonjour, nous offrons maintenant un support en français ! 🎉

🌟 We are delighted to announce that French language support is now available on Tengr.ai/fr, enhancing understandability for French-speaking users around the world. 🌍 We are truly committed to making our platform more inclusive and user-friendly for a global audience.

Woman in Paris

Model Improvements:

  • We have launched “Rejuvenate processing mode,” a cutting-edge addition to our AI model capabilities. This innovative processing mode enhances the alignment with physical reality on your images by utilizing domain knowledge to detect and refine relevant image details.
  • Image Generation Speed Enhancement: We’ve made minor adjustments to our algorithms to increase image generation speed. These enhancements provide a smoother and slightly faster rendering process, allowing you to enjoy a more streamlined creative experience.
  • Enhanced Seer Mode: We’ve upgraded Seer mode to adhere to the selected style more consistently during image generation. This ensures that your artistic direction is accurately reflected in the images you create.
  • We have enhanced the 3D Sculpt feature, but it remains in development. Future versions will include additional refinements.
  • Settings Update: We have added two new options to the Settings dialog.
  • We’ve implemented several bug fixes since our last update (improved menu visibility on iPads, image counter improvement: counters now start from the subscription date for paying users).

User Experience Improvements:

Screenshot from version 0.8.2
  • Seamless Image Comparison: We’ve enhanced the user interface by eliminating the thumbnails in the image generation view. We now display all four images in full detail. This streamlines your workflow, allowing for easier and quicker comparisons, and helps you select your finest works effortlessly and efficiently.
  • We are pleased to announce that Tengr.ai now offers French language support, enhancing understandability for French-speaking users worldwide.
  • New setting: Default input method selection (Seer or Servitor, for now, but more will come later).
  • New setting: Negative input method selection (using NOT keyword or a separate text area)
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